Because You Have to Start Somewhere

Once upon a time…a husband and wife decided (after 15 years together…we are slow learners) they both like to write. They harkened back to their good ol’ days, before life got in the way, to a time when they would laugh together creatingg storylines and dialogue just for the fun of it. Nothing much got written down because…well, someone can’t really earn a living as an author, right? Pshh.

The world has changed, we have changed. And all this time, our stories have been knocking on the doors of our souls to be released. With the age of ebooks, we now have an outlet for that release of creativity and hope to share our journey with you.

Even if we end up being lonely souls talking to ourselves in blogworld, we will create a journal of – what has already begun to be – a series of (yes, mostly unfortunate) events. Some distant day we hope to be able to look into the past and laugh at ourselves. In the mean time, perhaps we could at least be somewhat entertaining, if for no one else but us and our small, but incredible “tribe” of people – real people. We truly are grateful to begin this journey and share it with you.

-RC Marantis